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Getting Started

Using League\Pipeline

Basic Example

use League\Pipeline\Pipeline;

class TimesTwoStage
    public function __invoke($payload)
        return $payload * 2;

class AddOneStage
    public function __invoke($payload)
        return $payload + 1;

$pipeline = (new Pipeline)
    ->pipe(new TimesTwoStage)
    ->pipe(new AddOneStage);

// Returns 21

Re-usable Pipelines

Because the PipelineInterface is an extension of the StageInterface pipelines can be re-used as stages. This creates a highly composable model to create complex execution patterns while keeping the cognitive load low.

For example, if we’d want to compose a pipeline to process API calls, we’d create something along these lines:

$processApiRequest = (new Pipeline)
    ->pipe(new ExecuteHttpRequest) // 2
    ->pipe(new ParseJsonResponse); // 3
$pipeline = (new Pipeline)
    ->pipe(new ConvertToPsr7Request) // 1
    ->pipe($processApiRequest) // (2,3)
    ->pipe(new ConvertToResponseDto); // 4 
$pipeline->process(new DeleteBlogPost($postId));

Pipeline Builders

Because Pipelines themselves are immutable, pipeline builders are introduced to facilitate distributed composition of a pipeline.

The PipelineBuilder’s collect stages and allow you to create a pipelines at any given time.

use League\Pipeline\PipelineBuilder;

// Prepare the builder
$pipelineBuilder = (new PipelineBuilder)
    ->add(new LogicalStage)
    ->add(new AnotherStage)
    ->add(new LastStage);

// Build the pipeline
$pipeline = $pipelineBuilder->build();

Exception handling

This package is completely transparent when dealing with exception. In no case will this package catch an exception or silence an error. Exception should be dealt with on a per-case basis. Either inside a stage or at time when the pipeline processes a payload.

$pipeline = (new Pipeline)
    ->pipe(function () {
        throw new LogicException();
try {
} catch(LogicException $e) {
    // Handle the exception.